” Solus Christus “

The time of twilight fades and the beaming sun was interposed on the firmament. Myriads of human beings were born. Tears of gladness roamed around the earth, but weeping and grief were also perceived; few had never survived. Even at the beginning of life, manifolds can continue and some are halted. Leastways, the trodden arrive at the young sweetheart in the labyrinth flower garden. 

Barefoot, she stepped into the meadow, aye, with sparkling eyes beholding the wonder of the land. Hitherto, her white gown was sullied; she never knew because she was enthralled by the mellow aroma of flowers. Scarlet, gold, sallow colors, yet, reckon not those lovely hues far beyond her sight. The shapes and sizes of petals differ. Anyone who passes by cannot resist its alluring ambiance.

However, she wandered and met new wayfarers too. There are words raised by the wayfarer, ‘Far I came to satisfy my desire, but despair and tired I gained. What gain was it? Lost, I say lost, only it was. I wasted not my voyage, young demoiselle, but, alas, the right path was unseen. Solely seen through the rugged tree. Glory! This white robe I wear I never trade. Avast, and bless you!’ He flashed a big smile and wave swiftly.

The droplets of sweat descend freely. She’s exhausted from traipsing. Hence, the fluttering of the butterfly’s wings burglarizes her aquamarine eyes. It landed on the burgeoning flower and below in the grass and soil. There she saw a gardener and hastily asked. ‘Goodness, fella! Miles can’t be reckoned just to find someone who can answer my one query, that even ten folds of people can’t say any words. I appeal, you would be the one whom I am seeking.’ A blithe enjoyment she had.

‘Grace and peace be upon you, lassie, and take no longer for your query.’

‘I met a wayfarer along my way wandering. My memory can’t forget the words he said. It was a rugged tree where I could solely find the right path. The pleasure would be to know where I could find it.’

‘Hearken to my word, I am assured that neither I nor other people can fulfill your request. But, I know Someone who can. Always stay on the right side of the path and never turn left. Behold, you will see a rugged tree. Make haste lassie!’

Wounded were her feet, but she never knew. Behold, there she saw the rugged tree, but the alluring aroma hindered her.

She wept and looked at the tree. She ran nearer and wept at the foot. The smell of the tree is far sweeter than all the flowers in the garden. Uncomparable to her sight, taste, and smell. This is precious.  She saw wounds and thorns she got from the beautiful flowers. She thought that the garden would lead her to a wonderful life. Now, she understands it deceived her and will only end her life in death and despair. Apart from the tree, she can’t and will not see her wounds and sicknesses.

‘What grace that led me here! How could a wicked and blinded sinner like me, come here all alone? Could my corruption and moral goodness save me? Alas, I cannot save myself. Hearken, it is by this Solus that I am weeping over my sins and tasting the freshness of His grace. He wore the sully clothes I had, and I wore His white robe.’

‘I no longer love the sight of those thorny and deadly flowers. Now, I love and desire to know, taste, see and smell this rugged tree all of my days! My eyes are fixed upon Him and Him alone! Life is found and joy is complete, the heavenly taste is satisfied!’ 

The white apparel she had own, cleansed from her wanderings, and looking at the rugged tree — the only hope of lassie. 

‘Grace be upon you, this robe I am unworthy to own! Look far and behold, there’s a rugged tree!’ She said to the wanderer and declared the good news to every wayfarer she met.

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