Star creation fades
Immutable who made.”

I gaze upon the illuminating light of a billion steorra. Astonished by its wholesome brilliance that conceals the darkest night. I grab my camera and position it in my hand to get the right angle that might capture the best picture of my luminous friends.

Click; a flash spread before my eyes and there I saw in front of me a finished photograph. I smiled at the result. Perfect shot; my mind agrees. After minutes of appreciating the picture, something disturbed me. 

Why can’t I capture the exact beauty that I witnessed this night? Why can’t I? There’s something missing, there’s distortion. Sad, and I’m wrong about my first impression of this picture. 

I captured it with my camera, but the real light, color, and darkness of night were truly caught by my eyes deep in my heart. 

Who created all of these things? As the camera was invented by man, the intellegence was from God, but it didn’t catch the exact stunning nature. Yet, God has also given us eyes to witness them, ears to hear their twinkles, a nose to smell their mellow fragrance and hands to touch their sharp edges. 

How amazing and beautiful they were, but the more it makes sense when we know who created them. Not only to appreciate steorra’s fading beauty, but also to praise God, whose beauty and sovereignty rule forever and ever. As many as the stars are in the night sky, so numerous are His mercies on those who fear on Him. 

There’s no reason for us Christians, not to worship our God creator and great Savior!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord, Most High, everlasting!

07-29-21, 04

Postscript: Steorra is an old english word meaning ‘star.’

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