“A Savior died
And a sinner lived.”

In the deepest and darkest dungeon where death awaits. There was a young boy who was arrested and thrown into that cursed place.

You broke all the laws, and you will suffer and be punished for your iniquities, till your death,’ a knight said with great authority.

The young boy just cried loudly with anguish and grief. Helpless and hopeless he was.

Four decades after…

A hopeless young boy is now an old man. The white beard and scrawny hair are growing, the skin is wrinkled and the strength is no more.  Watching the sun and moon shift every day is the only consistent sight from the puny hole in the dungeon. Apart from that day, he noticed a peculiar shadow and heard footsteps echoing along the dungeon’s passageways.

A very familiar prestige of a man holding a key, standing in front of him. He bent his eyes towards him. And with honor and power, the knight said. ‘You are now free.’

He was ultimately speechless, with relief of liquid flowing down from his tired and weak eyes. 

He couldn’t believe it.

‘How? Why?’ He asked. In his inner heart, his iniquities were no forgiveness. It is full of rue and sadness. 

‘The Son of the King claim all your penalties, every fault you have committed he has suffered on your behalf. Rejoice and sing runes,’ the knight said.

An old man’s heart has no more room for his gratitude. What a gift it was. O, pardons that released him. Mercy that he never deserved, he received. 

A great life, truly, for the man who paid his debt.

And he can even die for that Prince for He is worthy of renown.

 Freedom, now he breathes.

08-15-21, 00

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