“Damsel’s journey
Was upshot lonely
But there is one and only
Cure that is holy.”

Cold water, blue cap, warm clothes, rugged shoes, tiresome backpack, and spoken orison.

These things indicate the word, “Ready.” Plainly, she’s reckoned to travel today with one certain goal; that aim she only knows. 

The bus halted in the bustle street and spew her and her comrade. She is not alone. Good it was, for she could not do it on her own.

Perfection, when there was no distraction and diversion happened till they arrived. The beaming faces of the damsel shone as they greeted. Words after words were uttered, but someone altered them and said “No.” A single word could ruin a day and her melancholic voice was heard from her mouth. 

Hopeless, yet, there’s another way to get back and achieve her goal. Her comrade lightened her and they had a diversion of track. Unfamiliar places they went. 

Lost. The word lost constructed their great displeasure. Blinded they were by their situations that they never noticed such hospitable men willingly helping them. 

Nevertheless, this day they failed. They just rode again on the bus, full of frustration. Looking back to their home gave them gladness. 

Of course, the goodness of God they missed to noticed, fellow hospitable men, safe travel, drops of rain, and beats in their bosoms. 

How could they miss it? They missed nothing in their self-enactment and not to what God ordained.

Assuredly, they must look unto Christ, not at their performances, because it will lead only to despair, for we have nothing good assurance in us, but Christ; He is surety and everything. Also, so am I guilty of faults and failures, and I also need to look unto Christ and depend on His grace alone. 

Grace and peace be unto you, my brethren!

Endure the day!

08-09-21, 01

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